highest directwall channel count

  • Direct Wall Contact Geometry Sensors
  • Built on Robust RS-Caliper platform
  • IMU Mapping capable
  • Optional Field Technician

RS-Deformation inspection tools combine the effectiveness of conventional deformation tools with the unique and robust RS-Caliper system. On-The-Wall geometry measurement in ultra long pipeline transporting low-viscosity products such as NGL and Gasoline. An optional pipeline mapping is also available with RS-Deformation

Highest Direct Wall Sensors

Available in sizes 3”thru 14”, RS-Deformation tools have highest geometry sensor density with guaranteed 100% plus pipeline coverage and multiple rows of low mass sensing fingers.

RS-Deformation Spells Accuracy

With multiple rows of deformation sensors and highest number of direct wall sensors, no anomaly gets past RS-Deformation. Low mass, linear response sensing fingers mean lower time constant resulting in minimal over-calls during speed excursion and higher overall precision.

RS-Deformation Gets it Done

RS-Deformation tools are capable of negotiating 30% or more restrictions and most 1D Radius bends. Light weight tool construction mean low friction and reduced pressure – flow requirements.

High Technology, Low Costs

RS-Deformation is based on EnviroCal’s time tested revolutionary operations model. RS-Deformation tools are also offered with no technician resulting in incredible cost savings.

Insightful Inertial Mapping

RS-Deformation tools have Inertial mapping capability to provide you XYZ location to your pipeline features and anomalies.