Band Beveling Machine

The SMC Crawlers and Bands from Sawyer set the industry standard for large diameter pipe cutting and beveling. Ideal for cutting in tight spaces, the unique right angle drive attachment for this pipe beveling machine allows you to cut with only 6 inches of clearance in the bell hole, and the flexible stainless steel beveling bands on this pipe cutter adapt to any situation and permit the crawler to smoothly and consistently cut and bevel pipe. In addition, the Sawyer beveling band and bug features the fastest motor in the industry, cutting at three times the speed of a typical acetylene cut with any other pipe cutting machine.

These Band Type Pipe Beveling Machines are lightweight and adaptable to multiple pipe sizes and allow single-operator setup on pipes as large as 48 inches in diameter. Furthermore, all Sawyer pipe beveling machines have multiple accessories available to assist in getting any pipe cutter job done quickly and properly.

The designs of these SMC Crawlers and Bands are often copied, but the quality of Sawyer’s pipe beveling equipment can’t be beat. With the fastest speed, the largest size, and the most accuracy, Sawyer pipe beveling tools and pipe cutting machines are the clear choice.

  • Available for pipe sizes 6″ and larger
  • Smooth, accurate cuts and bevels
  • Adaptable to any beveling requirement
Factory Tolerance: 16 Thousandths
Minimum Tangent of Pipe: 11 inches
Motor Speed: 22” per minute torch
Part Number Description Lbs In
206A-9 Band Crawler w/9′ Shaft 25.00 23x23x12
206A-14 Band Crawler w/14′ Shaft 30.00 23x23x12
206B-110 Band Crawler w/110V A.C. Elec. Dr. 25.00 23x23x12
206B-220 Band Crawler w/220V A.C. Elec. Dr. 25.00 23x23x12
206B-90V D.C. Band Crawler w/90V D.C. Elec. Dr. 25.00 23x23x12
206B-RA-9 Band Crawler w/Rt. Angle Drive and 9′ 25.00 23x23x12
206B-RA-14 Band Crawler w/Rt. Angle Drive and 14′ 30.00 23x23x12
206A Band Crawler less Drive Cable 12.00 12x12x10


Beveling Machine

Beveling Band


Beveling Band Crawler Accessories

Part Number Description Lbs In
206F-90V D.C. Motorizing Kit – 90v D.C. 12.00 12x12x10
206E Rt. Angle Drive Kit 5.00 12x12x10
284D Adj. Torch Holder 5.00 12x12x10
283D Double Cut Torch Holder 5.00 12x12x10
286 Classic Torch Holder
528-20 1/4 x 100′ Twin Welding Hose 15.00 12x12x10
528-18 Torch, Angle Head & Tip Kit 10.00 12x12x10

Beveling Band, Model 206

Part Number Description Lbs In
206-C-6 6″ Beveling Band 6.00 12x9x6
206-C-8 8″ Beveling Band 8.00 14x10x10
206-D-10 10″ Beveling Band 10.00 14x10x10
206-D-12 12″ Beveling Band 12.00 18x18x10
206-D-14 14″ Beveling Band 14.00 18x18x10
206-D-16 16″ Beveling Band 16.00 18x18x10
206-D-18 18″ Beveling Band 18.00 23x23x10
206-D-20 20″ Beveling Band 20.00 23x23x10
206-D-22 22″ Beveling Band 22.00 23x23x10
206-D-24 24″ Beveling Band 24.00 25x25x10
206-D-26 26″ Beveling Band 26.00 31x31x10
206-D-28 28″ Beveling Band 28.00 31x31x10
206-D-30 30″ Beveling Band 30.00 31x31x10
206-D-32 32″ Beveling Band 32.00 37x37x10
206-D-34 34″ Beveling Band 34.00 37x37x10
206-D-36 36″ Beveling Band 36.00 37x37x10
206-D-38 38″ Beveling Band 38.00 43x43x10
206-D-40 40″ Beveling Band 40.00 43x43x10
206-D-42 42″ Beveling Band 42.00 19,95
206-D-44 44″ Beveling Band 44.00 49x49x10
206-D-46 46″ Beveling Band 46.00 49x49x10
206-D-48 48″ Beveling Band 48.00 49x49x10
206-D-50 50″ Beveling Band 50.00 52x54x10
206-D-52 52″ Beveling Band 52.00 54x56x10
206-D-54 54″ Beveling Band 54.00 56x58x10
206-D-56 56″ Beveling Band 56.00 58x60x10
206-D-58 58″ Beveling Band 58.00 60x62x10
206-D-60 60″ Beveling Band 60.00 62x64x10