Double Cut Torch Holder

The Double Cut Torch Holder attachment fits all standard sizes of Sawyer Band Beveling Machines, Compact and Quick Set beveling machines.


  • Enables simultaneous carrying of two machine-type torches
  • Allows independent height, lead, and degree of bevel adjustments
  • Permits adjustment of spacing between torches
  • Rigid, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Available with “Out-of-Round” feature
  • Available for either Compact or Quick-Set machines (Specify machine by type, model, size, and range)

Double Cut Torch Holder for Beveling Machines

Part Number Description Lbs In
283-A Compact Beveling Machines 3” – 60”
283-B Quick-Set Beveling Machines 1 1⁄2” – 20”
283-D Band Type Beveling Machines 6” – 60”