Model PTS

Non-Intrusive Pig Tracking System

The SPY® PTS offers Non-Intrusive Pig Tracking Systems when the need for noting the passage of a pig becomes a little less temporary, (i.e.; manpower or distance prevents leap frogging). The model PTS is used with electromagnetic transmitters.

 Product Features

NON-INTRUSIVE The PTS Systems is non-intrusive which requires NO HOLES to be drilled in the pipe. This non-intrusive system allows for lower installation costs and significantly reduces the overall cost of the monitoring point. This non-intrusive feature makes the PTS a more desirable option than intrusive systems from an installation, maintenance and corrosion prevention standpoint.

EASY MOUNTING The system can be permanent or temporary and can be accomplished by using pipe straps or clamps. Units can be installed along the above ground line as often as is needed.

SAFETY It also offers safer monitoring. The systems are provided in explosion-proof Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, & D certified enclosures. The enclosures come complete with an “O” ring seal, which makes the housing NEMA 4X/7. When supplied by the factory as a complete system, proper explosion proof fittings are used and manufacturer specified procedures are followed to connect the units in order to maintain their rating.

Technical Specs

Enclosure: Enclosure Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C & D Blind Modules
Power Input: Either 129 Volts AC or ±3VDC (Sensor Module) and 18 Volts DC for Indicator **
Power Output: Normal Open non-latching Dry Contacts rated at 1A at 250 Volts AC
Transmit Speed: PTS Passage Indicator NOT a Presence Indicator, PTS-M 1 fps. Minimum of One Gauss Outside of the Pipe
Display Type: Visual
Unit Weight (lb): 9.4
Unit Dimensions L x W x H: 26″ x 26″ x 4.75″
Factory Warranty: 3 Month
DOM. / INTL. Standards: CE Compliant