Jack Screw

Sawyer’s Jack Screw Internal Alignment Clamp easily holds and lines up large pipe. No pipe is too big for this internal pipe clamp. It effortlessly aligns pipe 48” and larger.

Power and precision consistently make Sawyer’s pipeline welding clamp options ideal, and that is certainly true with the Jack Screw internal line up clamp. Individual jack screws allow specific pressure application on a particular area while still aligning total pipe gap.

Durability and long life are never in question with the Jack Screw alignment clamp. This internal pipeline clamp is precision fabricated from high quality steel, ensuring dependability in even the toughest conditions.

Sawyer’s Internal Alignment clamps are all custom built, offering a range of solutions for accurate internal alignment and pipe-to-pipe fit up. These internal line up clamps are manufactured for precision and are field proven to be some of the toughest and most durable pipeline welding clamps around.

When the job calls for internal aligning pipe for welding, look no further than Sawyer’s Jack Screw.


  • Available for sizes 48″ (1219.2 mm) and larger
  • Easily holds and aligns large ID pipe
  • Individual jack screws allow specific pressure application while still aligning total pipe gap
  • Easy to operate
  • Gap is unobstructed for full stringer bead
  • Each clamp machined for specific wall thickness
  • Heavy duty all steel construction
  • Precision fabricated from high quality steel
  • Precision manufactured
  • Pipeline proven

Jack Screw Internal Alignment Clamp, Model 256

* Custom sizes are available upon request
Part Number Description Lbs In
256-48 Jack Screw Internal – 48″ 1130.00 Call for Dimensions
256-54 Jack Screw Internal – 54″ 1250.00 Call for Dimensions
256-60 Jack Screw Internal – 60″ 1385.00 Call for Dimensions
256-66 Jack Screw Internal – 66″ 1500.00 Call for Dimensions
256-72 Jack Screw Internal – 72″ 1630.00 Call for Dimensions
256-78 Jack Screw Internal – 78″ 1730.00 Call for Dimensions
256-84 Jack Screw Internal – 84″ 1820.00 Call for Dimensions
256-90 Jack Screw Internal – 90″ 1920.00 Call for Dimensions
256-96 Jack Screw Internal – 96″ 2050.00 Call for Dimensions
256-102 Jack Screw Internal – 102″ 2170.00 Call for Dimensions
256-108 Jack Screw Internal – 108″ 2300.00 Call for Dimensions
256-114 Jack Screw Internal – 114″ 2400.00 Call for Dimensions
256-120 Jack Screw Internal – 120″ 2520.00 Call for Dimensions
256-126 Jack Screw Internal – 126″ 2650.00 Call for Dimensions
256-132 Jack Screw Internal – 132″ 2750.00 Call for Dimensions
256-138 Jack Screw Internal – 138″ 2870.00 Call for Dimensions
256-144 Jack Screw Internal – 144″ 3000.00 Call for Dimensions