WeldFit manufactures its SureTrap™ traditional pigging systems from 4 inch through 48 inch* nominal pipe size with extruded branch outlets to produce single or multiple outlets on the barrel. WeldFit has more than 30 years of pipeline experience with extruded outlets, welding and the fabrication of pipeline pigging systems where the design, engineering, manufacturing and testing are all performed in-house. Extruded outlets on SureTrap™ pigging systems have several advantages over the more common welded branch connections, made possible by several key features.


  • No reinforcement pads required on branch outlets
  • Eliminates tees and expensive girth welds on the outlets during field installation
  • Oversized barrel to ease the handling and loading of pigs
  • Flanged or weld end connections for field installation
  • Eccentric reducer on pig launcher and concentric reducer on receiver to improve launching and receiving capabilities
  • All connections are sized based on industry best practices and standards
  • Primer coated and ready for customer’s desired paint system or painted in accordance to customer’s paint specifications
  • Quick opening closure standard on all units
  • Designed with the appropriate quantity and size of nozzles for vents, pressure gauges and drains
  • Data package provided for code compliance
  • Hydrostatic pressure tested in accordance to the applicable codes
  • Designed to applicable safety design factor
  • Inspected and designed in accordance to the applicable pipeline


  • Designed for in-line inspection tools
  • Corrosion coupon holders for monitoring internal corrosion rates
  • Pull nozzles for loading in-line inspection tools
  • Equalization lines to improve the ease of loading pigs and improve safety of unloading pigs
  • Skid mounted units available
  • Corrosion resistant weld overlay of trap components for corrosive service applications
  • Valve packages available upon request
  • In-field application engineering, project management and commissioning services