PLIDCO® Split + Repair Tee/Elbow/Cross

The PLIDCO® Split+Repair Ell and the PLIDCO® Split+Repair Tee and the PLIDCO® Split+Repair Cross fittings are safe and reliable as well as easy and quick to install. They have steel GirderRing to hold the seals in place and protect them from displacement and damage during installation. Once the fitting is bolted properly to the line the leak is contained. There is no need for shutdown while the leak is being repaired.

Depending on the size and pressure it may be necessary to add clamping ends to resist unbalanced forces and/or customer specified forces. PLIDCO® Split+Repair Ells, Tees, and Crosses can be welded for a permanent repair while the line is in service. If used as a temporary fitting and not welded to the line, any one of these options can be removed and sent back to the factory to be reconditioned, and then returned to your inventory.

The PLIDCO® Split+Repair Ell is available in many configurations including 45°, 90°, short radius, long radius, long radius with tangents, as well as screwed and socket welded and custom sizes and angles.

The PLIDCO® Split+Repair Tee and PLIDCO® Split+Repair Cross are manufactured to customer specifications.

Buna-N packing is standard. Viton, Silicone, Kevlar, Hycar and other packings are available upon request.

Split+Repair Ell stock sizes are 1 1/2” thru 4”. Quicker repairs cut your product losses, saving time and money. Sizes 1 1/2” and 2” are rated for 1000 psig working pressure. Other sizes, other degree ells and pressure ratings are available.