Sawyer Manufacturing

Beveling Equipment

Beveling Machine
Chain Beveling Machine
Quick Set Beveling Machine
MX1 Beveling Machine
Compact Beveling Machine

External Clamps

Hand Lever Cage Clamp
Precision Pipe Alignment Clamp
Chain Clamps
Rim Clamps
Sawyer’s External Ratchet Cage Clamp
Ratchet Cage Clamp
Ez Fit Pipe Clamp
Double Chain Clamp
Ultra Rim Clamp
Hydraulic Cage Clamp
Qwik Clamp
Aluminium Line Up Clamp
Segmented Hydraulic Clamp

Internal Clamps

Small Manual Clamp
Jack Screw
Large Manual Clamp
Tackless Internal Clamp
Large Hydraulic Clamp

Weld Testing

15 Ton Strap Bender
50 Ton Guided Bend, Tensile and Fillet Tester
25 Ton Guided Bend and Tensile Tester
Coupon Cutter
50 Ton Guided Bend and Tensile Tester

Welding Tools

Welders 3rd Hand
Spacing Tool
Welding Grasshopper
Hi-Lo Gauge
Grinder Holder
Welding Rod Bucket


Classic Torch Holder – Crawler
Motorized Kit
Right Angle Drive
Hi-lo Wedge
Excalibur Power Pack
Classic Torch Holder – Quick Set
Out Of Round Attachment
Locking Boomer
Foot Pump
Milling Cutters
Classic Torch Holder – Compact
Double Cut Torch Holder
Jackscrew Wedge
Electric Pump
Modular Head System

Auxiliary Equipment

Pipe Expander
Accuwrap II
Hydraulic Dent Remover

Pipe Bending

20″ Lined Bending Sets
Tractor Bending Shoes
30″ & 36″ Lined Bending Sets
Hydraulic Cylinders
42″, 48″ & 60″ Lined Bending Sets

Cold Cutting


Pipe Lifting

Pipe Hooks

Pipe Stands

Jack And Jill Pipe Stands
Bull Roll Pipe Stand
Rollapipe Pipe Stand