Air Movers

Air Movers, typically called air horns or blowers, are used wherever there is a need to disperse fumes, move air into confined spaces, cool men working in elevated temperature conditions, or cool machinery or products with a blast of directed air.  Common applications are found in refineries, chemical plants, power and congeneration units, metal fabrication plants, paper and pulp plants, shipyards, the marine industry and the steel industry.

Texas Pneumatic Air Movers have been tested at an independent laboratory. The published air flow ratings are based on AMCA (Air Movement & Control Association)Standard 210 tests.  Under identical testing situations, Texas Pneumatic Air Movers exceeded all air flow ratings of competitively manufactured air movers.

We have three types of Air Movers available, and we are the only manufacturer to offer all sizes of Air Movers in all three horn materials (Galvanized sheet metal, Stainless steel and Polymer).

Our polymer horns offer reduced weight, longer life, and they are crush and dent resistant. We are the only manufacturer to offer all sizes with a polymer horn.  The polymer is electrically conductive to safely discharge any static buildup.

Features of Texas Pneumatic Air Movers

  • No moving parts.
  • Polymer or metal horns for all sizes.
  • Used for venting hazardous areas.
  • Maintenance is minimal.
  • Can be used as a blower or exhauster.
  • Operates on compressed air or steam.
  • Connection for ground wire.
  • Independent laboratory tested to AMCA Standard 210, equaling or exceeding the air flow of competitively manufactured air movers.