Classic Torch Holder – Crawler

The Classic Torch Holder is a newly designed torch carrier that fits all standard sizes of Sawyer pipe cutting and beveling machines.


  • Allows torch to be moved to and from the cutline to prevent blowholes
  • Torch may be used in the forward or backward bevel position without reversing the torch holder
  • Large torch clamp wing screw can be tightened without removing gloves
  • Constructed of durable, light-weight aluminum
  • Provides a superior cut and bevel

Classic Torch Holder for Beveling Machines

Part Number Description Lbs In
286 Classic Torch Holder for Band Beveling Machines 6″ – 60″ 5
4KB Classic Torch Holder for Quick Set Beveling Machines 1 1/2″ – 20″ 5
4KB Classic Torch Holder for Compact Beveling Machines 3″ – 60″