16-30″ Pipe Bending Machine (HPB16-30)



  • 35 gal (133 Litre) fuel tank
  • 5 section hydraulic control valve for optionalhydraulic mandrel operation as well as bending operations
  • 100 gal (379 Litre) hydraulic tank, 80 gal (303 Litre) fill capacity
  • Oil cooler in compressor drive circuit
  • Machine side plates reinforced with stiffeners in key locations; Multi-pass welding for optimal frame life and strength; Side plates made from 3/4″ T1 steel; Die nest plates made from 1″ T-1 steel; all welds are pre heated and heat controlled and all welds are made in position
  • Dual hydraulic filtration, pressure and return
  • Murphy Control panel w/ electric start, throttle control, oil pressure, tachometer and hour meter
  • Parker Seal-Lok™ hydraulic systems prevents leaks and has a working pressure rating of 3000 psi
  • Repairable hydraulic cylinders with Parker Seals come apart without cutting to enable easy seal repair
  • 15 ton CAT style triple grouser tracks


  • Maximum bending force at front of stiffback 381,700 lbs
  • Air compressor with 240 psi maximum continuous pressure
  • Hydraulic vane pump for main bending circuit, 42 gpm @ 2400 rpm, 3000 psi

Technical Specifications:

Length 22’6″ (4114.8 mm)
Width 8’6″ (2032 mm)
Height 8’6″ (2590.8 mm)
Weight 35,000 lbs (15,876 kg) (w/o bending set)
Engine CAT C4.4 Turbo 109 hp @ 2200 rpm
Winch Ramsey 15,000 lb Winch
Air Compressor Hydraulic Driven Quincy 370 Compressor w/ 120 Gal Reservoir
Cylinders (2) 9″ (229 mm) Outboard Cylinders w/ 19″ Stroke
(2) 7″ (178 mm) Inboard Cylinders w/ 6″ Stroke
Hydraulic Pump Denison Main Pump, Parker Piston Pump for Compressor Drive
Oil Cooler American Industrial