PLIDCO® Flange

Mates with standard flanges

Useful for hundreds of applications, PLIDCO®+Flanges are particularly valuable for making tie-in connections for prefabricated expansion and rework projects.

PLIDCO®+Flange Couplings are easy to install. There are no problems installing them in hard to get at locations such as high overhead piping, conduits and tunnels, tight manifolds or in hazardous locations. No special preparation of pipe ends is necessary. Simply cut the pipe and slide the PLIDCO® Flange Coupling onto the pipe until the end of the pipe is within approximately 1 inch of the flange face. After the connecting mating pipe with flange is brought into place, rotate PLIDCO® Flange Coupling, and/or mating pipe, until flange bolt holes on the two flanges line up. Several flange bolts may be inserted to assist with the alignment.

Advance the clamp screws in order to center the PLIDCO® Flange Coupling on the pipe. Tighten flange bolts to their specified torque. Tighten all clamping screws per installation instructions. Tightening end thrust screws (A) causes steel thrust ring (B) to move forward and squeeze packing ring (C) against the pipe. This assures a pressure-tight seal. Installation is complete unless welding is specified. Before repressuring line, note allowable working pressure, prior to welding, in table below.

If welding is specified, pipeline is put in operation. Refer to the chart below for recommended pressures. Thrust screws are cut/burned off flush. End of coupling is fillet-welded around circumference, including seal-welding of thrust screws. Clamping screws are cut/burned off and seal-welded.

Welders should be qualified in accordance with the requirements of API Standard RP 1107, Latest Edition.