PLIDCO® Flange + Repair Ring

Flange+Repair Ring

Stops leaks in flange gaskets, on-stream
PLIDCO® Flange+Repair Rings can be installed by your own personnel. There is no drilling or altering of flanges. On a scheduled turnaround, they can be removed, flanges cleaned, the gasket replaced and the flanges put back in service. The PLIDCO® Flange+Repair Ring can be reconditioned and used again. Flange Repair Ring Install

Give us your conditions–pressure, temperature, fluid–and we will recommend the proper sealant and packing.

PLIDCO® Flange+Repair Rings incorporate steel GirderRings to hold packing in place during installation. Available from stock in standard flange sizes 1/2” through 12”, 150 lb. ANSI thru 600 lb. ANSI. Larger or special sizes, higher temperature and pressure ratings available on application.