CD52-316SS Stainless Steel

Harsh environments are a fact of life in the world of energy production. The CD52-316SS is CDI’s field-proven non-intrusive pig signaler technology in a fully stainless steel ATEX IECEx-rated chassis. All external surfaces of the CD52-316SS are made from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, a material ideally suited for harsh offshore and desert environments.


The CD52 family of products provide quick and easy non-intrusive pig passage detection of any pig moving between 0.01 and 20 meters per second. Nonintrusive means less maintenance and corrosion, and no possibilities of pipeline leaks.

Sensing Means

Sensing Means of the CD52-316SS consist of a set of patented, non-intrusive proprietary noise-canceling antennas invented by CDI specifically for pig passage detection. This antenna system gives the CD52-316SS its ability to reject nearby magnetic noise and halt costly false-positive triggering. With an antenna base measuring only 9.5 in. [241mm] in length, the CD52-316SS system may be deployed into very tight launcher and receiver locations. A small, safe, permanent magnet or active transmitter installed on a pig is all it takes to put the CD52-316SS system to work!

Field Proven

CDI has been manufacturing our patented CD52 family of pig signalers for over a decade. With thousands of systems installed around the globe, the CD52 family has a reliable performance record in burning deserts, frozen tundras, and every environment in between. Many of our customers are large oil and gas producers who rely upon the CD52 family of equipment to set valves, control pump stations, and communicate with SCADA systems.

Remote Signaling

Remote Signaling of a passage is easy with a built-in flashing LCD visual display and dry-contact relays. These normally-open or normally-closed relays may be used in conjunction with existing SCADA systems to integrate the CD52-316SS into a pipeline control and signaling network. An optional array of four high-luminosity LEDs (shown here) can be seen over distances as great as 100 meters [328 feet]

Line or Battery Power

Line or Battery Power – The CD52-316SS may be line or battery powered for greatest flexibility. Two
standard D-cell alkaline batteries provide a full year of service. Alternatively, 24 VDC power may be
used for indefinite operation. Changing batteries is as simple as opening the cabinet, unscrewing
the face of the unit, removing the old batteries and inserting new ones.

Conduit connections

Conduit connections are standard ¾-in. NPT or M20 metric connections.

Detachable Base

Detachable Base makes installation and recovery simple. Just attach the base to the pipeline, then bolt the antenna
assembly to the base.

Stainless Steel Sunshade

Stainless Steel Sunshade helps to reduce the intense heat experienced by the CD52-316SS prolonging the life of the electronic components. 316 stainless steel construction of the sunshade guarantees long life in a harsh pipeline environment.

Operational Specifications

Operational Principle:Non-Intrusive Passive Magnetic
Sensor:Patented* Noise-Canceling Wire-wound Antennas
Operational Specifications: Bi-Directional
Devices Detected:Permanent Magnet or Electromagnetic Transmitter
(CD42 Transmitters or CD52 Permanent Magnets
Detection Speed:0.01 meter/sec to 20 meter/sec
Passage Visual Indicator:LCD blinks one hour after passage
LCD holds steady for next 11 hours
Auto-Resets at 12 hours
Passage Electrical Indicator:Isolated Dry Contact Closure Relays
Pipeline Diameters:3/4 in. to 60 in. [19 mm to 1,524] mm
Pipe Wall Thickness:1.5 in. [38.1 mm] Maximum*
* Where pipe wall thickness exceeds 1 in. [25.4 mm] a custom magnet
may be required. Please Consult CDI for an evaluation of deployment

System Certifications

IECEx:Ex d mb IIB T5 Gb IP66

Power Specifications

Source:Two 1.5 VDC Alkaline D-Cell Batteries or 24 VDC External Power
Note: DURACELL® PROCELL (PC1300) D-Cell alkaline batteries required by ATEX and/or IECEx standards to maintain system certification.
Battery Life:One Full Year Minimum (Alkaline)


Enclosure, Housing, and Mounting Assy:316 Stainless Steel
Window:Tempered Glass


Sun Shade:Protection from heat generated by intense sunlight
Heater System:Recommended for operation belo –22°F [–30°C]
Stainless Steel TagsMarking tags engraved w/customer information
Remote Indicator System (RIS)Provides visual passage indication up to 328 ft [100 m]