The patented PETROSLEEVE® is the only permanent, non-intrusive pipe repair system that can be installed in 1 hour without interrupting operations.

Clients have saved millions of dollars on pipeline repairs in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Papua New Guinea on pipes ranging from 3″ to 48″. The PETROSLEEVE® exceeds code requirements, and as of 2024 over 50,000 installations have been completed without reported failure.

The PETROSLEEVE®  and can be installed, ready to be coated and backfilled in just 1 hour.

The PETROSLEEVE® comes with complimentary EIP Analysis and Documentation Software, and is a simple repair method that can be completed regardless of weather conditions or user expertise.

The PETROSLEEVE® can repair wide range of defects on any type of pipeline, such as natural gas, sour gas, crude oil, high vapor products, and refined products..