Model 1

The Model 1 System is designed for pipe sizes 2 to 4 inches. This system includes the PT-101 Transmitter, especially designed to fit poly (foam) and urethane pigs. The PT-101 transmitter negotiates line sizes of 2 to 4 inches. Not suited for metal body pigs.

Product Features

Reliably and consistently track the passage of a pig or pinpoint its location.

To locate a pig equipped with a SPY® Transmitter, the SPY® 23 HZ Receive (Pig Tracker Receiver and Wand) registers the changing magnetic eld produced by any SPY® Transmitter. When the Transmitter is located, the 23 HZ Receive produces both an audio and visual output. With two standard 9-volt alkaline batteries, the 23 HZ Receive can be powered continuously for approximately 50 hours. Special waterproof wands are available for sub-sea applications, with depths of up to 10,000 feet [3000 meters].

Included in Kit

1 – PT101
1 – PTR
1 – 1-3 ft Wand
1 – Carrying Case
1 – Strap
2 – 9v Batteries
1 – 3v Battery
1 – Operating Instruction Manual