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About BKW Inc

BKW’s corporate headquarters, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, consists of corporate offices and a large fabrication facility. BKW custom designs and fabricates pipeline tools including anchors, pig switches, jib cranes, pig traps, ball launchers, pig trap trays, pig transporting equipment, slug catchers, and many other pipeline accessories.

BKW has developed and patented equipment that has advanced pipeline technology into the 21st Century and has undertaken numerous projects worldwide. Special items not found “on the shelf” can be provided.

Projects performed by BKW include conceptual design, testing, final design, fabrication, and testing. A quality control program is in place to ensure the end product is in compliance with all applicable design and construction codes.

Sealing and Non Sealing Pig Switches

Cactus Flow Products

About Cactus Flow Products

Cactus Flow Products is known for premium products and superior service. In 1996 our very first pig valve was designed and manufactured, and in 2001 our first choke was built locally here in the great state of Texas. In a short period of time Cactus Chokes & Tulsa Pig Valves became a house hold names throughout the industry.

Shut-off Pig Valve

Industrial Degauss Logo

Industrial Degauss

Industrial Degauss Pipeline Demagnetization

About Industrial Degauss

Industrial Degauss has the equipment and the know-how to deal with magnetism on pipes, machinery, and parts. When it comes to demagnetizing your equipment, our demagnetizing team has you covered. With our state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience in the field, we ensure that your rotating components last longer and your welding projects resist arc blow and other defects. Industrial Degauss’s demagnetizing services can be customized for your specific project, and we come equipped with the best gear in the industry. The IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer works great on magnetized pipes, fittings, rotors, turbines and more.

IDMAG System
IDMAG System

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In-Line Flow Products

Figure 700 Quick Opening Closures

About In-Line Flow Products

In-Line Flow Products is recognised as an established vessel/pipeline closure manufacturer with a reputation for responsive service, quality workmanship and manufacturing the toughest and safest ASME code-stamped closures and pigging tees in the market.


2″-14″ Closures
2″-10″ Lugless Closures

16″+ Closures
4″-16″ Angled Closures
Flanged Closures

Figure 800 Quick Actuating Closure

Figure 800 PDFs

Equipment Brochures

Figure 800 Catalog (PDF)

Figure 800 Quick Actuating Closure

ONIS Line Blind

About ONIS Line Blind

Onis designs and manufactures equipment to quickly and safely isolate process piping.

Products include:

  • Quick Action Line Blind: a suitable alternative to spectacle blind in order to perform a pipe blanking operation.
  • Quick Filter Changer: avoid spool piece and change pipe filter in minutes.
  • Quick Disc Changer: replace rupture disc in minutes.
Quick Action Line Blind – QLB

Double Block and Bleed – D3B
Quick Filter Changer – QFC

Other Pipeline Equipment

TPE Wrapping Machines
Pipe Roller Sling
Double Seal Drain Test Plugs
High Pressure Pipe Plugs
Hi-T Pigalert

Texas Pneumatic Tools

About Texas Pneumatic Tools

Texas Pneumatic has American made, industrial quality, tools and parts you can rely on. From Needle/Chisel Scalers to Paving Breakers, Venturi Style Air Movers to Jet Fans, Air Manifolds to Moisture Separating Systems and replacement parts and accessories for air powered percussion tools, Texas Pneumatic has just what you need. We were founded and continue to operate on three simple principles: provide quality tools and parts, at reasonable prices and with the fastest response times in the industry. Our customer service is second to none.

Air Movers

Pipeline Blowers
Jet Fans & Swing Gates

Tulsa Valve

About Tulsa Valve

Tulsa Valve is one of the leading oilfield and industrial valve manufacturers in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality materials and workmanship. Tulsa’s valves have been field-proven since 1992. Every valve is quality tested to ensure they meet the appropriate industry standards. Material and product traceability is maintained on all of our valves. The increasing demand to design more efficient valves that incorporate ease of operation have put Tulsa Valve into a leading position in the industry. Our valves are field-proven and will provide years of reliable service. Tulsa Valve is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) headquartered in Houston, Texas, since 1992

Check Valves
Ball Check Valves
In-line Check Valves

Ball Valves
Casing Ball Valves
Needle & Gauge Valves
Plug Valves