Traxall 620

With TRAXALL 620 can track each of up to three transmitter frequencies are represented as scrolling rows of LEDs. This intuitive user interface means that the TRAXALL 620 receiver requires very little training and support, lowering the total cost of ownership of the system.

Tracking with Zero Training

Anyone who has experience with tracking using any of CDI’s systems or one of our competitor’s systems has nothing to learn. It’s that easy.

A single knob adjusts the reception sensitivity of as many as three simultaneous transmitter inputs, while the strength of each transmitter is intuitively indicated its own horizontal rows of LEDs.

The only other controls are a button controlling LED brightness and a button for audio mute. That’s it!

The Manual

The TRAXALL 620 receiver encapsulates virtually the entire product manual in the label for the Sensitivity knob (shown right).

Eight sensitivity settings are neatly divided and labeled with their recommended use: PINPOINTING (low sensitivity), WALKING (medium sensitivity), and STATIONARY (high sensitivity).

Extreme Weather? No Problem.

The TRAXALL 620 was designed with extreme conditions in mind. The system is fully functional from +85 degrees to -40 degrees Celsius limited only by the chemistry of the installed batteries. For extreme cold environments, the TRAXALL 620 may be ordered in a cold-weather lithium battery configuration allowing full tracking to a blistering -40 degrees Celsius.

Despite being a low-cost receiver system, the TRAXALL 620 still comes shipped in our extremely high quality Pelican brand shipping/carrying case.


CDI has developed a very large variety of transmitters of various sizes (including ATEX certified versions) to work with our entire lineup of TRAXALL receivers. These transmitters are user-programmable to operate at industry-standard 22Hz or TRAXALL-specific frequencies.