PLIDCO® Shear + Plug

Shear+Plug: A better way to do line plugging

The PLIDCO® Shear + Plug is the Industry’s Most Reliable Solution for High Pressure, High-Temperature Line Plugging

  • 600-2200 psi High Pressure Capability
  • +600oF High Temperature Capability
  • 100% Success Rate at 1-8 inch applications (ANSI Class 900)

Shear + Plug Handles the Pressure Where Others Fail

Maintenance and repair of ultra high pressure, high temperature steam pipelines have often required plant shutdowns. The PLIDCO® Shear + Plug has provided a safe and reliable way to isolate the problem while keeping your system running. PLIDCO® has successfully been brought into a number of applications where other methods have failed.

Metal-to-Metal Seal + Sealant Back-up

The PLIDCO®Shear + Plug solves this problem, providing a positive metal-to-metal seal against high-pressure, high-temperature steam (other fluids will be considered on application basis). In addition, a sealant is applied to further strengthen the isolation. Standard units are available in sizes of 1-8 inches and for pressures up to 2220 PSI. The Shear + Plug is impervious to flow rate, making it ideal for boiler feed applications.