Model PT-275

For 6” and Up Pipe

For the most reliable signal available, the SPY® PT-275 Transmitter uses low  frequency  signals  to  effectively  and  consistently  penetrate  a  steel pipe wall. The PT275 transmitter is self-contained and travels inside various pigs, attached to versatile brackets, or towed. A hand-held receiver and wand are used to locate the transmitter.

Product Features

SPY® Transmitters have been proven effective in the field for over 20 years. Each SPY® Transmitter is designed and built for long reliable service.

  • Rugged casing is liquid tight
  • Battery operated
  • Coded signal minimizes false readings
  • Strongest signal available

Technical Specs

Minimum Pipe Size: 6” [152.4mm] and Up
Transmitter Length: 7.5” [190.5mm]
Transmitter Diameter: 3” [76.2mm]
Maximum Hours of Signal: 200 Hours
Batteries Required: 4 “AA” Batteries
Maximum Pickup Range (free air): 60 – 75’ [18.29M – 22.86M]
Ground Cover Depth Pickup Range: 15’ – [4.6M]
Maximum Operation Pressure: 2000 PSI [138 Bar]
Temperature Range: -20°F – 180°F [-29°C – 82°C]
*Minimum Pipe Bend (Medium – High Density Polly Pig): 3D*

* When calculating pipe bends please reference the pig manufacturer. Additionally, when using steel mandrel pigs, the minimum pipe bend is determined by what the actual steel mandrel pig can negotiate.