Reinforcement for Non-Leaking Points of Weakness on Pipelines

PLIDCO® Sole+Mates™ (TYPE B SLEEVES) are designed to reinforce non-leaking, weakened, dented or damaged pipelines. The PLIDCO® Sole+Mates™ must fit snugly around the pipe when used for reinforcement applications. Gaps between the pipe and the sleeve, often caused by dents in the pipe, should be filled with a hard-setting grout. The sleeve must be butt-welded longitudinally but it is not necessary to seal-weld the circumferential ends. The line can remain on-stream. Moisture should be prevented from entering the ends of the sleeve. When used for pressure containment, the PLIDCO® Sole+Mates™ must be fully seal-welded to the pipeline in addition to the longitudinal weld. The line may also remain on-stream but the pressure must be a safe level according to DOT regulation 192.713.

Sole+Mates™ are fabricated in lengths of 5 or 10 feet. Back-up strips for the longitudinal butt welds are furnished with all sleeves