Polly Pigs

Girard Polly-Pigs, constructed of open cell polyurethane foam, are available in light, medium and heavy densities. They are designed to negotiate pipeline configurations that other pigs cannot, such as “tees,” elbows and multiple diameter reductions.

There are four basic types of Polly-Pigs: dryingwipingcleaning, and scraping. Each are available in three grades of durability: light, medium, and heavy densities.

  • With over 28 different models to choose from, Polly-Pigs can do everything from light cleaning and drying to removal of heavy scale.
  • The Yellow Bare Swab is designed for line proving and drying.
  • The Double Dish Polly-Pig is designed for bi-directional use.
  • Wire Brushes are available on both medium and heavy density Polly-Pigs for removal of hard deposits and scale.


Polly-Pigs have a concave base plate with a 90A durometer polyurethane coating. This provides a maximum rear sealing surface for the propelling forces of the fluids or gases being used. Swabs or bare pigs, which have only the bases coated, are normally used in drying or batching operations. Special double-nose or double-dished pigs are used in bi-directional service. The exterior coatings on the foam bodies consist of criss-cross type spirals of 90A durometer polyurethane. These spirals add strength and give greater wiping and scraping action as compared with bare foam.

Girard manufactures two types of criss-cross pigs: the original pattern and the patented “Turning Pattern.” Wire brushes, silicon carbide, or plastic bristles can be embedded in these polyurethane spirals to add maximum scraping or brushing action.

Heavy Density (9-10 lbs/fts)

SBD (Scarlet Bare Durafoam) Heavy Wiping & Dewatering
SSS (Scarlet Single Spiral) Heavy Wiping
SCC (Scarlet Criss-Cross) Heavy Cleaning & Dewatering
SCC-WB (Scarlet Criss-Cross Wire Brush) Heavy Scraping
SCC-SC (Scarlet Criss-Cross Silicon Carbide) Heavy Scraping
SCC-T (Scarlet Criss-Cross Turning) Heavy Cleaning & Dewatering
SCC-WB-T (Scarlet Criss-Cross Wire Brush Turning) Heavy Scraping
SCC-SC-T (Scarlet Criss-Cross Silicon Carbide Turning) Heavy Scraping

Medium Density (5-8 lbs/fts)

RBS (Red Bare Squeegee) Regular Wiping & Dewatering
RSS (Red Single Spiral) Regular Wiping
RCC (Red Criss-Cross) Regular Cleaning & Dewatering
RCC-WB (Red Criss-Cross Wire Brush) Regular Scraping
RCC-SC (Red Criss-Cross Silicon Carbide) Regular Scraping
RCC-T (Red Criss-Cross Turning) Regular Cleaning & Dewatering
RCC-WB-T (Red Criss-Cross Wire Brush Turning) Regular Scraping
RCC-SC-T (Red Criss-Cross Silicon Carbide Turning) Regular Scraping

Light Density (1-2 lbs/fts)

YBS (Yellow Bare Swab) Drying
YBS-B (Yellow Bare Swab Bullet) Drying
YCC (Yellow Criss-Cross) Light Cleaning
YCC-SC (Yellow Criss-Cross Silicon Carbide) Light Scraping
YCC-T (Yellow Criss-Cross Turning) Light Cleaning
YCC-SC-T (Yellow Criss-Cross Silicon Carbide Turning) Light Scraping

Special Applications

Unicast Batching & Purging
Maxi-Brush Heavy Wire Maximum Scraping
Maxi-Brush Light Wire Maximum Scraping
Gray Hard Scale Industrial Scraping
BCC-PB (Blue Criss-Cross Plastic Brush) Non-Abrasive Brushing
KRG Drying for polyethylene Pipe