Foot Pump

Power Team Foot Pump attachment for the 15 Ton Guided Strap Bender, the 25 and 50 Ton Guided Bend and Tensile Testers.


  • Air driven hydraulic pumps are easily operated by hand or foot.
  • External adjustable pressure relief valve (behind sight glass)
  • Return-to-tank port for use in remote valve applications
  • Internal pressure relief valve provides overload protection
  • Quieter operation – reduced noise level to 76 dBA
  • Operating air pressure: 2,8 – 8,8 bar, enables pump to start at extremely low pressure
  • High efficiency cast aluminum air motor
  • Reinforced heavy-duty lightweight reservoir for applications in tough environments
  • Air pendant for remote control operation

Foot Pump for Weld Testing Equipment

Part Number Description Lbs In
526-20 Foot Pump