Pin Brazing Accessories

BAC pin brazed connectors have low transition resistance which does not change with
time, and they can handle amperages above the capacity of the cable.

Brazing Pins & Ferrules
Brazing pins are available in direct connection or threaded formats of various sizes. A new ferrule must always be employed in pin brazing (the ferrule must be changed after each brazing operation). The purpose of the ferrule is to prevent splattering of the molten solder, to prevent oxidation of the molten
solder, and to protect the operator against radiation from the arc. The ferrule must be stored dry.

Cable Lugs
BAC cable lugs are specially manufactured in the intended material for pin brazing. Consult the table of recommendations on the choice of a suitable cable lug. The lugs are made in two different types. M1 is pin brazed to the cable. M2 is crimped to the cable. Always use BAC approved crimping methods to ensure adequate contact.

Reducing Sleeves
Sleeves are manufactured to allow smaller cables to be crimped into larger than usual lugs. The cable is inserted into the sleeve, then the sleeve and cable are inserted into the lug. All three items are then crimped together. Crimping Tools Various approved crimping tools are available depending on application needed.

Bonding Cables
To minimise time taken during installation, prefabricated bonds are the most economical choice. Bonds are made to a predetermined length and are supplied ready for use from the factory.

Connecting Cables – Type C
A connecting cable is pin brazed at one end, while the other, which is tinned, is connected by means of a screw fastening. Alternatives are also available.

Extension Cables – Type J1
Type J1 is pin brazed with one or, for enhanced safety, two brazes at one end, while pin brazing in the coupling sleeve is used at the other end.

Extension Cables – Type J2
Type J2 is pin brazed with one or, for enhanced safety, two brazes at one end, while the other end is intended for crimping.

Pin Brazing Equipment Spares and Service
A full set of spare parts for pin brazing equipment is available off the shelf for immediate despatch. A full repair service is also available if requested.