EnviroCal® RS Caliper Go-NoGo tools provide multiple sensors, feature orientation position, solid-state memory, high collapsibility and precise identification of geometric restrictions that could inhibit the safe passage of primary inspection tools. RS Caliper Go-NoGo inspection results are available and ready for reviewing just minutes after removal from receiver.

The RS Caliper Go-NoGo tools are quick and simple to deploy with out the need for additional support equipment or personnel. “Now you have a new choice”


  • Velocity: 10 mph
  • Max Dia. Reduction: 35 %
  • Min. Bore: 15.6 in (397 mm)
  • Odometers: 4
  • Pressure: 2000 psi
  • Bend: 1.5 D
  • Length: 52” (1087 mm)
  • Weight: 132 lbs (60kg)
  • Geo Sensors: 22
Parameter Imperial Metric
Maximum Velocity 10 mph 16.9 kph
Maximum Pressure 2000 psi 137.9 bar
Operation Temperature -40º to 160º F -40º to 71º C
Inspection Range 750 miles 1200km
Inspection Hours 350 hrs
Sample Rate (samples per second) 1056 sps (default)  *5000 sps
Continuous Bore 15.6 in (397 mm)
Minimum Bore (Fittings) 15.6 in (397 mm)
Bend 1.5D
Reportable Anomaly 2%  (1%)
Detectable Anomaly 1%
Depth Accuracy ±5%
Location Accuracy Axial: ±0.2% Circ.: ±8º