Qube AGM

Qube: The World’s Most Advanced AGM

Qube is the industry’s most advanced AGM. It can confidently and accurately detect the passages of pipeline pigs equipped with MFL magnetizers, EM transmitters, or simply acoustically with its built-in geophone. But Qube is much more than just an AGM. Its advanced features, comprehensive communication options, and real-time tracking capabilities through GlobalTrack make it an invaluable tool for precicely tracking tools and maintaining full visibility of run progress.

Stay Connected, Stay Productive

In today’s world, we demand fast and reliable communication with no excuses. That’s why every single Qube is equipped with an international LTE cell modem, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, allowing for seamless connectivity. Additionally, our affordable and low cost-per-message satellite expansion module enables satellite communication as a fallback to cellular, providing a complete solution for all your communication needs.

Automatic Data Transfer

The tool passage data, including magnetic imagery, geophone audio, GPS time, date, and position, is automatically pushed to CDI’s GlobalTrack cloud service via its fully encrypted cell modem, Wi-Fi, or satellite modules. This eliminates the need for any manual download process and ensures that the run report is available as soon as the tool is trapped.

Flexibility and Expandability

Qube provides four expansion slots, allowing for a wide variety of options such as remote antennas, I/O expansion, solar chargers, SCADA outputs, and more. Qube’s flexibility, modularity, and expandability protect your investment and provide an upgrade path for years to come.

Real-Time Tracking and Data Availability

CDI’s Qube and GlobalTrack cloud service work together to provide real-time tracking and instantaneous data availability for any number of stakeholders on desktop and mobile. All stakeholders can access the tool’s location, view real-time sensor data, and even listen to Qube’s live geophone audio over the internet right in their browsers, from anywhere in the world.

Invest in Qube for Your Pipeline Needs

Whether you’re in the oil and gas industry, water/wastewater, new construction, or any other industry that relies on tracking tools through pipelines, Qube is the advanced tool you need. Its features, connectivity options, and real-time tracking capabilities make it an indispensable asset for anyone who needs to clean or inspect pipelines. Invest in Qube today and stay ahead of your competition.

  • Cutting edge connectivity with LTE Cellular, Satellite, WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Built-In geophone attaches audio to passage recordings and streams to GlobalTrack in your browser
  • One-button operation makes training and hand-off a breeze
  • Data transfers encrypted with TLS 1.2 symmetric-key SHA-256 encryption
  • Rechargeable wide temperature batteries using standard USB-C cabling
  • Operating temperature range of -40° to +85°C
  • Waterproof polycarbonate chassis designed for the rigors of the pipeline
  • Firmware over-the-air updates mean that the Qube always has the latest features & fixes