• Economical – Revolutionary pricing model
  • High Reliability
  • 35% Collapsibility
  • 1.5D Back to Backbends
  • – Zero Mobilization fees

Whether your wanting to perform a Pre-ILI Go NoGo inspection or you’re wanting a component inventory on a pipeline you’ve no data on or performing a base line survey, RS-Caliper is the solution

Trusted Technology with a New Perspective

RS-CALIPER is available in sizes 4” through 36”, RS-Caliper is a new perspective on pipeline geometry inspection. With about a decade of service and over a thousand inspections, RS-Caliper is built to last with highest customer satisfaction.

RS-Caliper – Your No-Strings- Attached Caliper

RS-Caliper, on request, can be shipped without a technician. This phenomenal operations model translates to incredible cost savings through zero mobilization fees and minimal stand-by charges. If you require a technician, we will be glad to send one as well.

RS-Caliper Likes Pipelines

With 35% collapsibility and 1.5D back-to- back bend negotiating capability, no other pig in the market is more pipeline friendly. RS-Caliper’s construction using advanced materials result in lightweight tools exerting very low friction with the pipeline – requiring lowest head pressure and differential pressures in the industry.

RS-Caliper tools are also compatible with almost all petro-chemical products and gases including water and air. RS-Caliper is highly versatile and can be configured to operate under most conditions.