Methane emission reduction technology ZEVAC now available at Tremco Pipeline Equipment

ZEVAC’s new methane emission reduction technology has an ambitious goal to significantly reduce methane emissions in the ongoing battle against climate change. 

The oil and gas industries are under constant pressure to reduce emissions, including those that are released during routine tasks such as venting. Now, ZEVAC makes work crews safer, more environmentally responsible and helps natural gas operators to meet or exceed the timelines set on their emission reduction goals.   

Why is methane emissions reduction important? 

Natural gas is an essential component of the world’s energy mix. According to the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association, Australia has enough gas supply for more than 50 years based on current production rates. 

However, oil and gas industries are under extreme scrutiny from environmental activists, investors and others who are concerned about the methane emissions that are produced from oil and gas operations. Much of this scrutiny focuses on routine tasks such as venting. The graph below identifies the various activities that contribute to venting. 

How the ZEVAC technology works 

ZEVAC envisions a future without venting, where every operator is equipped to do their job without releasing gas. 

The ZEVAC® system is a patented revolutionary technology that provides an emission-less alternative to venting and flaring. 

The solution captures natural gas during maintenance or inspection operations so it can be recycled for use, and methane releases are subsequently significantly reduced or eliminated.  

ZEVAC® uses compressed air and moves gas into an adjacent pipeline or appropriate storage container. It allows the intake to depressurise and discharge back into the pipe system with 100 per cent of the gas staying inside the pipe. This also allows for less waste as the product always stays in the system, and eliminates emissions, noise warnings, hazards and the permits generally associated with venting and flaring. 

ZEVAC® has a simple design that ensures air and gas never mix. There are no electronics or engines powering the ZEVAC® thus no chance for a spark.  

Everything from pipeline pigging, in-line inspection runs, distribution main replacement, hot-tapping and line-stopping activities can all now be completed without releasing emissions. The technology can also handle wet gas and natural gas liquids for midstream pigging applications.   

The ZEVAC® system makes work crews safer, more environmentally responsible, and better neighbours. Utilising ZEVAC®, natural gas operators can now meet or exceed the timelines set on their emission reduction goals. 

Case study: methane emission reduction for pipeline maintenance and valve replacement 

The technology has been used on a pipeline project in Trumbull county, USA by Dominion Energy who is conducting pipeline maintenance and valve replacement work at a site just outside Newton Falls.

Usually, to do that work would require evacuating or clearing the line by venting methane gas into the atmosphere.

Instead, new technology allows them to clear the line using ZEVAC to capture methane and re-cycled it back into the system.

Project Supervisor Gina Rundo explained “We’re using portable compressors to evacuate that gas and re-inject it downstream.” 

The process represents significant savings compared to venting. “Thirteen million cubic feet is the metric that we will be saving from avoiding that 18 miles of gas that would have traditionally been vented into the atmosphere,” Rundo said.

This industry-leading technology is a significant investment on Dominion’s part.

“We’ve spent a couple of million dollars on this project alone to maintain that gas in the system,” said Dominion’s Rick Kawiecki Dominion Energy has set a lofty goal to reduce methane emissions across its entire system.

“Our end goal is to reduce our methane emissions by fifty percent by 2030, and with this technology it allows us to support that effort,” Rundo said.

Dominion says that’s the equivalent of planting 250 million new trees or taking 3.3 million cars off the road for a year. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas; it has 25 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide.

ZEVAC systems available in Oceania via Tremco Pipeline Equipment 

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