Revolutionary pipeline inspection: Qube AGM and GlobalTrack leverage cloud connectivity for pipeline pig tracking

CDI Qube

CDI is redefining pipeline pig tracking by pairing pig tracking equipment with cloud-based software to deliver easy access to real-time data, alerts and detailed reports for pipeline inspection and cleaning operations. Available in Australia through Tremco Pipeline Equipment, CDI’s Qube Above Ground Marker and GlobalTrack cloud service are revolutionising pipeline pig tracking.

In an age where cloud connectivity has become a driving force behind innovation and efficiency across industries, the Qube Above Ground Marker (AGM) and GlobalTrack cloud service are redefining pipeline pig tracking through their seamless integration and advanced communication options. Developed by CDI, a leading provider of pipeline pig tracking and communications equipment, this powerful combination offers unparalleled real-time monitoring and data accessibility making them essential assets for modern pipeline inspection and cleaning operations.

The Qube AGM offers multiple communication options such as LTE Cellular, Satellite, WiFi, and Bluetooth. This ensures seamless communication and reliable data transfer. The Qube’s cloud connectivity capabilities enable it to transmit data automatically to CDI’s live-tracking cloud service GlobalTrack, providing real-time pipeline pig tracking and instant data access for any number of stakeholders on desktop and mobile devices.

GlobalTrack automates pig run reporting at the push of a button.

GlobalTrack automates pig run reporting at the push of a button. Reports can be downloaded as PDFs or as a CSV file.

GlobalTrack works with the Qube AGM to deliver a comprehensive, real-time pipeline pig tracking solution. Its cloud connectivity enables stakeholders to monitor pipeline pig progress in real-time, whether manually or through automated tracking. The cloud-based platform ensures data is accessible from anywhere in the world. This connectivity and visibility level has transformed how organisations approach pipeline pig tracking, facilitating data-driven decision-making and optimising operations.

The cloud connectivity of the Qube and GlobalTrack also streamlines data transfer and reporting processes. With automatic data uploads to the GlobalTrack cloud service, manual downloads are no longer necessary and run reports become available as soon as the tool is trapped. This saves time and resources while providing valuable insights for decision-making.

Global Track

GlobalTrack reports can be downloaded as PDFs or as a CSV file.

Furthermore, the cloud-based nature of the GlobalTrack service allows for effortless scalability and adaptability. As organisations grow or their tracking needs evolve, the Qube and GlobalTrack can easily accommodate these changes, ensuring that businesses can maintain efficient pipeline management without disruptions.

The Qube AGM and GlobalTrack cloud service are revolutionising the pipeline pig tracking industry by harnessing the power of cloud connectivity. Their seamless integration, advanced communication options, and real-time tracking capabilities provide organisations with unparalleled data accessibility and visibility. By embracing the Qube and GlobalTrack’s cloud-based solution, companies can streamline their pipeline management processes, save time, and make data-driven decisions that increase efficiency and profitability.

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CDI’s Qube AGM and GlobalTrack service is available in Australia through its agent Tremco Pipeline Equipment. To learn more, contact Brett Trembath at or call 07 3344 1066.